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At the heart of Cadence lies a dual commitment: to employees seeking personal and professional growth, and to corporations aiming to redefine their impact on the world. In a landscape where ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles are not just desired but expected, Cadence emerges as a beacon, illuminating the path to integrated sustainability and corporate excellence.

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The central ESG curriculum marketplace focused on impact work and powered by amazing nonprofits who create their coursework from direct experience, knowledge, and expertise of the various impact missions.

Leverage’s extensive network and expertise in producing, developing, and creating bespoke social, video, and audio content that highlight specific curriculum tailored to your organization.

Like live learning? Our classes framework brings together subject matter experts to supports online and in-person live learning as well as multi-day seminars and conferences.

Standalone and xAPI compatible learning available

Top Benefits of ESG Learning Programs in the Workplace


We don’t just teach; we inspire. By the end of our programs, your workforce won’t just know about ESG—they’ll be passionate advocates for change.

Engage Employees

An empowered employee is a productive one. By understanding and believing in the corporate ESG vision, they drive the emotional connection with the organization.

Retain Employees

Cadence aligns everyone with corporate values, fostering deeper commitment. This alignment enhances job satisfaction and purpose, significantly boosting employee retention rates.

Customization is Key

We understand that no two corporations are alike. Our programs are not off-the-shelf; they’re crafted around your specific needs, ensuring relevance at every level.

Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Cadence enhances emotional intelligence for all employees and leadership, equipping them to handle job pressures and align passion with purpose.

Playful Learning

In a world that often sees ESG as a complex, heavy topic, we introduce a playful angle. This makes the learning experience memorable, encouraging greater retention and application.

Curriculum Creation & Curation

Dr. Adrianna Glazener is a Gifted & Talented educator, curriculum developer, educator of teachers, and an Environmental Scouts co-founder and board member.

Dr. Adrianna Glazener

Dr. Adrianna Glazener

Head of curriculum

Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon is a behavioral scientist, educator, and a cross-cultural consumer insights expert working at the intersection of sustainability, psychology and business.

Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon

Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon

Sustainability Course Curriculum

Dr. DJ Torres has made institutional equity his life’s mission. He has over fifteen years in racial equity-focused management, which includes strategy development, implementation of multi-year projects, and executive-level coaching.

Dr. DJ Torres

Dr. DJ Torres

DE&I Course Curriculum

curriculum and content

Environment & Sustainability

Policy & Advocacy

Review current policies around sourcing of materials, fair wages to third-world factory workers, waste disposal, and more. Learn how to be advocates and change makers within your family, organization, and community.

Climate Justice

Discover how the climate crisis disproportionately impacts low-income groups and communities of color. Explore individual and collective actions that ensure environmental justice and equity.

Business Solutions

Understand how consumers and businesses have contributed to environmental crises such as plastic pollution, fast fashion, and carbon emissions. Discover how the same stakeholders are positioned to offer solutions like sustainable fashion and decarbonization.

Preserving Ecosystems

Investigate the connection between wildlife, ecosystems, and human behavior. Identify effective conservation efforts, the importance of pollinators, the dangers of synthetic pesticides, and the connection between healthy soil and healthy food.

Sustainable Communities

Explore the characteristics of sustainably-designed cities, including urban agriculture, green spaces, mobility, energy use, and waste management. Consider how concepts like circular design, zero-waste, and food sovereignty transform communities.

Behavioral & Social Sustainability

Understand that true sustainability is found at the intersection between human behavior, the environment, and the economy. Analyze how individual behavior change and collective, systemic change impact families, business, and communities.

Economics of Sustainability

Discover the positive economic impacts of sustainability. Examine the environmental and social impacts of a linear versus circular economy, including a system in which products are designed to promote ecological wellness, rather than designed for the landfill.

Engaging Video Content

Hi-quality, engaging content built for modern learning and entertainment.

Relevant Coursework

Coursework aligned with content that encourages continued application.


Complete courses and quizzes for added certification.

Empowering Sustainable Corporate Cultures

Cultivate Interest

In the corporate world, while 78% of employees show interest in sustainability, a majority have little to no involvement in their companies’ sustainability efforts. Cadence offers a skills and knowledge-based education platform to inspire and facilitate their journey towards sustainability.

Clear Action

With our user-friendly and flexible learning options, Cadence makes it easy for employees to participate and contribute to their companies’ environmental sustainability efforts.

Rewarding Learning Experience

Cadence rewards your curiosity with comprehensive insights into environmental issues. Our diverse content formats and in-depth courses help decipher the complexities of sustainability, transforming uninformed interest into informed action.

Invest in Sustainability

Cadence enables employees to actively participate in their company’s sustainability initiatives. Our courses offer real-world applications and provide validation from external organizations – a key factor that improves employees’ opinions of
sustainability initiatives.

The Cadence Promise

Cadence builds a bridge between interest and action, fostering a culture of sustainability within organizations. With us, learning about environmental issues becomes more than education – it becomes a transformative experience that empowers employees and strengthens companies’ commitments to sustainability.


Cadence has been meticulously crafted with a global perspective. While common fundamental challenges affect a majority of the world’s population, diverse regions exhibit distinct preferences and methods in pursuit of solutions.

The curriculum of Cadence is thoughtfully designed to be adapted to specific geographical areas, incorporating native languages, cultural nuances, and pertinent local illustrations. This localization is achieved in collaboration with regional NGO Impact Partners, actively engaged in on-site efforts.

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Bridge Building

Identify and connect companies and value-aligned cause organizations that deliver meaningful and positive outcomes.

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Scaling Impact

Utilize social media and technology to amplify messaging, accelerate actions, and increase impact.

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Increase Transparency

Provide validation and transparency into marketing and mission impact that informs contributions to CSR & ESG efforts.

Create value and measure effectiveness with CollideScore™

Power your employee insights with’s mission analytics engine, CollideScore™. Get transparent and granular insight into learning patterns, consumption behavior and employee engagement. These insights allow you to better optimize and scale your corporate social responsibility efforts and plan for future growth.

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